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Keshia is a final year Master of Development Studies student at the University of Melbourne, working with girledworld in 2018 across our Global Role Models research as we gear up for our global platform build. Keshia is currently deep diving The Scully Effect and civil rights activist Marie Wilson's "You can't be what you can't see" theory of change. We are so lucky to have Keshia's awesome research skills, sunshine and big thinking smarts on board! The learning always cuts both ways.

"I am passionate about equality and ensuring that people have the opportunities to live their best lives. In my free time I enjoy cooking and connecting with friends over family style meals."

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Ellice is a final year Master of Development (Gender Studies) student at the University of Melbourne. Ellice is working with girledworld in 2018 exploring STEM role model identity shapers and pop culture characteristics (on/offline, default perceptions, value attributions, and power and gender dynamics). We're so lucky to have Ellice's excellent research skills, uber inquiring mind and big "can do" attitude on board!

"I love to challenge myself to keep learning, and believe solving gender inequality begins with empowering young girls with an anything is possible mindset. girledworld lets me turn my passion for gender equality into a real job!"

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Eva girledworld


Sean is a bloke. I know, right! So, yeah, turns out we do work with XYs, especially when, like Sean, they're on girledworld mission critical and get what we're going for. Sean is a super-talented videographer, content producer and film director working with girledworld in 2018 across our Global Role Models campaign, and the girledworld WOW Summit 2018 campaign. That's him in action on the left (watch this space for the powerful stories he captured - coming soon!) We got to know Sean across the girledworld Summit 2017. We wouldn't let him go. That's cos Sean's easy ways of work, hands on creative input and pro style make us thank our lucky stars we found him! 



Eva is a content maestro who can take a brief and raw cuts and turn it around at lightening speed. Magic stuff! She works scrappy - on trains, in cars and late at night - and how and when she wants - which is just the way we like it. Main game is the end result = always awesome :)

Eva is a 'triple threat' in the creative world: freelance videographer, content creator and guest blogger for 1 Million Women and a range of clients, she also interned with Fairfax Media, has a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wollongong, and is a self-described "people person" to the core. Her mission: "To use my skills as a storyteller to build a career that helps people - and the planet."