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girledworld Co-Founders Edwina Kolomanski and Madeleine Grummet are experienced speakers, facilitators, moderators and panel participants.

Our keynotes and media engagements at events, conferences, on industry panels, and within school and tertiary settings, are powerful, use evidence-based research and bring audiences together, whether in corporate, academic or educational settings.

Please contact us at hello@girledworld.com for enquiries. 


"Madeleine Grummet, is one of the strongest and most impressive speakers and moderators I have come across in my professional career. I regularly host events and on various occasions I have asked Madeleine to be a keynote speaker, moderator, facilitator and panellist. Madeleine brings passion, humility, insight and humour into all her speaking engagements, and can connect with highly diverse audiences ranging in age, size and industry. I highly recommend Madeleine as a speaker with a particular focus on topics including leadership, entrepreneurship, women and girls, STEM and the future of work."
- Sheree Rubinstein, Co-Founder & CEO, One Roof Co-Working

"Madeleine is a powerhouse speaker who not only engages the audience, but brings energy and positivity to the room every time she picks up the microphone. As a panellist at Pause Fest for 'The New School Rules: Innovation in Education', Madeleine brought fantastic content and humour with her personal stories and command of the subject."
- Jeanette Cheah, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, The Hacker Exchange

"Madeleine Grummet is a high-energy and high-impact speaker with an infectious passion for entrepreneurship, STEM, leadership, women and girls. A skilled communicator, she is able to get her audiences to lean in and listen while at the same time keeping the energy in the room enthusiastic and active. Madeleine is super easy to work with and always takes the time to carefully clarify the brief to ensure she presents with purpose and precision."
- Georgia McDonald, General Manager, Wade Institute, University of Melbourne

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