We are incurably curious. THIS IS A GOOD THING.

To achieve our mission of educating, empowering and equipping the next generation of female leaders, entrepreneurs and STEM champions with the right mindsets, techsets and skillsets, we need to know what's out there in big thinking, business, enterprise, innovation, Edutech, and the application and integration of exponential technologies to bring the best of it to them.

It sounds kind of high mission. It is, but we're not.

What we are is real, and anchored, and all about conversation, collaboration, diversification, and working out what works with girls at their level, on their terms, in their words, and in a way that they can plug and play when they go back to their everyday after experiencing one of our workshops, events or on-line learning modules.

Of course, we underpin this with academic rigour. And because girledworld was born at the heart of an academic institution, the Wade Institute at the University of Melbourne, we're a bit partial to fact.

And big data. And small details. And the latest research.

This ensures we stay ahead of the game.

We  are constantly meeting with experts, gorging on podcasts, trawling websites, reading blogs, starting conversations, highlighting educational journals, stalking universities, mining research data, exploring exponential technologies, attending conferences, bumping into walls in our Vives, and diving into social media and whatever else we can get our hands on because we are just a little bit obsessed with the future of learning.

Here's a little taste of the brain food we consume. Enjoy! 

And if there's something new you think we should know about, we'd love to hear from you. Please CONTACT US HERE.