girledworld is incredibly grateful to our amazing sponsors, partners, mentors and co-working spaces who have come on board to work with us toward achieving our mission. Your input and ongoing support is phenomenal. 

We have a number of strategic partnership and sponsorship opportunities to fund our Edutech research, development and expansion. Any corporates, businesses and philanthropic entities interested in learning more about our global growth strategy and the development of our Edutech e-learning assets, digital mentor series, online educational leadership and entrepreneurship programs and modules, please contact us here. These assets will be deployed nationally by 2018, and globally beyond.

Opportunities for external investment include the funding of:

(Co-developed and supported by EDUCATORS, EXPERTS AND MENTORS FROM the University of Melbourne, THE Wade Institute Of Entrepreneurship, & USING INVENTIUM and IDEO Experience Point Design Thinking facilitation frameworks)

  1. Entrepreneurship Education Module 1: Design Thinking (IDEO model)

  2. Entrepreneurship Education Module 2: Lean Startup (Eric Reis model)

  3. Entrepreneurship Education Module 3: Agile Practice & Toolkits

  4. Entrepreneurship Education Module 4: Business Model Canvas

  5. Entrepreneurship Education Module 5: Hack Day Workshops

  6. Entrepreneurship Education Module 6: Pitch Perfect

  7. Entrepreneurship Education Module 7: Stepping into STEM

  8. Entrepreneurship Education Module 8: Future Facing: AI, AR, VR and Mixed Reality

(Co-developed with Mim Bartlett Consulting, wade masters leadership program resources & McKinsey frameworks).

  1. Leadership Education Module 1: Dare to Dream: Think Big

  2. Leadership Education Module 2: Dare to Act: How To Back Yourself

  3. Leadership Education Module 3: Being Brave: Employing Empathy for Good

  4. Leadership Education Module 4: Challenge Status Quo: Think Different

  5. Leadership Education Module 5: Social Innovation: Shared Value

  6. Leadership Education Module 6: Fast Talk: Standing Up & Speaking Up

  7. Leadership Education Module 7: Ethical Decision-Making

  8. Leadership Education Module 8: Problem-solving for Good

The girledworld asset streams explore and answer knowledge gaps in girls’ psychology and development to build the foundations of leadership, and equip them with strong enterprising skillsets in entrepreneurship, startup toolkits and STEM practice. 

Packaged into a suite of Edutech assets including digital short-form inquiry content and student incursion modules supported by parents and teachers, the girledworld asset streams will be delivered at events, via experiential learning educational resource kits and through workplace mentorships.

This has all been made possible through partnership with academics, educators, research firms and private donors. If you are interested in supporting us or learning more about this opportunity, please contact us at



girledworld is seeking partnerships with secondary schools to pilot and co-develop co-curricula Edtech digital content applications, and to pilot girledworld programs, workshops and experiential learning modules in Q3 2017.

We are seeking schools for pilot rollouts that are:

  • Melbourne Independent and non-government schools (single sex or coeducational)

  • Melbourne government schools (single sex or coeducational)

  • Melbourne Schools with deep interest in STEM and Entrepreneurial education and pathway generation.

Note: Post pilot stage the girledworld growth strategy includes a national program rollout and annual event series in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane based on high-density of target schools and customer demographic, psychographic and geographic validations that extend to those locations. (Please see 'Who Are We For? for more information on our customer segment).

Long-term, girledworld will scale Edtech assets on an online learning platform to give the world's girls access to life-changing leadership education, future tech and enterprise toolkits, and access to mentors and startup pathways.