Redefine the Workplace Paradigm: How to get women to stay, lead and succeed

girledworld Cofounders Edwina Kolomanski and Madeleine Grummet are Advisory Members of the NewCo Melbourne Council.

In November 2017 girledworld staged an event at NAB Melbourne with Google, Australian Futures Project and Blackbird Ventures to explore the third gender revolution and unpack diversity as an innovation driver, hear from experts about purpose-driven female leadership, and smash up workplace status quo and unconscious biases.

A room full of NAB leaders and employees joined us to build toolkits on driving cultural transition in a positive, sustainable way, and thought-provoking discussions about how to create connection between industry and education to build the female pipeline of future innovators, leaders and founders.

Panellists included Sally-Ann Williams (Google), Nick Crocker (Blackbird Ventures) and Ralph Ashton (Australian Futures Project).

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