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We're a little bit excited about Edutech.
So we are constantly trawling websites, reading blogs, highlighting educational journals, stalking universities, eating social media, deep diving research, exploring exponential technologies, getting our goggles on and whatever else we can get our hands on because we are obsessed with the future of learning.

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower the next generation of female leaders and founders. And we believe exponential technologies will come to play a bigger role in our classrooms around the country.

E-learning and in-class experiences will begin to morph into teacher-tech combinations. Emerging and rapidly accelerating technologies including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics, mixed reality, 3D printing and and machine learning applications will all become classroom commonplace. And this means that the ways we engage, the ways we communicate and the ways we learn in the future will look very different to today.

We're excited about the future of learning and girledworld will embrace and employ developments in Edutech that will push learning and perpetually innovate to ensure our students are being fed the right brain food.

With our community of female mentors, entrepreneurs, organisations, governments, investors, and academic institutions, girledworld will use Edutech, e-learning and future technologies to continue to develop customised, highly interactive experiential educational experiences that transform girls into the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow today.

Girls who engage with us will experience hands-on immersive learning at our leadership and entrepreneurship workshops and state-wide events, APAC Summits and on our girledworld e-learning and innovation platform.

By teaching and engaging girls with the powers of technology, industry mentoring and the latest innovation methodologies we believe we will empower them with the problem-solving mindsets, future-facing tech-sets and enterprising skill-sets to build breakthrough solutions to some of the world's biggest problems.

We look forward to future-facing with you all.

"The evolving workforce and continuous emergence of noveL industries means we need to inspire students to become lifelong learners."
- Raya Bidshashri, Co-Founder of Intelligent Optimism