In an exponentially changing, rapidly shifting world, our education system is doing what it can to maintain pace, relevance and impart the skills required for the next generation to prosper in the 21st century.

However, technology and business model innovation moves much quicker than the school system is capable of responding, and STEM continues to spearhead the future of work and life as we know it.

For today's high school students, the existence of jobs traditionally seen as ‘safe’ is gone, and they face an uncertain future in which they are likely to have several careers and up to 15 jobs.

At girledworld we solve this problem by equipping students with the enterprising skill-sets, mindsets, tech-sets and role models they need to step into the future of work.

girledworld is an Australian-based Edutech company that delivers conferences, events, e-learning assets and in-school workshops for girls in Years 7-12 in Australian schools which are age-appropriate, highly engaging, interactive, and combine the latest thinking on leadership, innovation, design thinking and startup methodology and practice. 

Our leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum is based on extensive research, founder experience and input from leading education experts and advisors including the Melbourne Accelerator Program, Melbourne University, the Melbourne Business School, Foundation for Young Australians, YGAP (Young Generation Against Poverty), Mim Bartlett Consulting, B Lab Australia and the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship.

Our Edutech and experiential learning initiatives are continually evolving to make sure we're at the forefront of international best practice so we can deliver rich and high-impact learning experiences for girls so they're equipped with what they need to step into the future workforce skilled, confident and ready to lead.

We also believe one the most effective ways for girls to develop, adopt and practice new mindsets and skillsets is through immersive, practical experiences. So we collaborate with businesses big and small, startups, universities and co-working spaces to design internships, work experience placements, events and training programs to motivate and encourage girls to step up to leadership, startups and STEM pathways.

Each module and year level of our girledworld programs can be run effectively as stand-alone programs, or across year levels to provide multi-year level learning frameworks. Alternatively, we can deliver school and student-specific workshops in Leadership (Leading Self, Leading Others, Team Dynamics, Ethical Decision-Making, Leading for Change) or Entrepreneurship (Design Thinking IDEO, Lean Startup, Agile Practice, Lean Canvas, Business Model Canvas Made Easy, Disruption for Good) and a range of other highly engaging workshops.

Our digital education streams will include web series, content campaigns and the development of e- learning modules to be piloted in schools Q3 2017.

If you're a business, startup or female leader with something to bring to the ecosystem we'd love to hear from you! 

If you're a school who'd like to chat about what we can bring to your girls, please contact us via the numbers below OR EMAIL

Madeleine Grummet, girledworld Co-Founder     +61 3 437 582 566
Edwina Kolomanski, girledworld Co-Founder    +61 3 400 004 135

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