CATCH THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 2017 Girledworld BIG IDEAS Leadership Summit BELOW!


THE girledworld SUMMIT 2017 FEATURED an inspiring lineup of global startup founders, stem leaders and industry EXPERTs
This two-day interactive educational event was designed specifically for girls in Years 7 to 12 in secondary schools.

girledworld has been featured in the above media and were finalists in The Weekly Times Startup Stars 2017.

girledworld has been featured in the above media and were finalists in The Weekly Times Startup Stars 2017.

The girledworld Big Ideas Leadership Summit 2017 BROUGHT together inspiring female founders and leaders at the top of their game to share their expertise, inspiration and career ADVICE with girls.

The event delivered experiential Agile, Design Thinking, UX, team building and public speaking workshops, and engaged girls in enterprise skill-building across leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.
(Mums, Mentors & Teachers attended, too). 

    High-profile female speakers from across the globe who are paving the way in business, leadership and entrepreneurshiP

  • STEM
    Engaging expert discussions on coding, STEM and the future of work in AN age of exponential technology + disruption

    Entrepreneurship workshops (How to Fail Safe, Pitch Perfect, Bring Big Ideas To Life)

    FACILITATED Workshops in public speaking, Leading Self, Leading Teams, PURPOSE-DRIVEN Change-making and how to influence OTHERS for good

    Immersive future technology sessions including Virtual Reality, ArtificIal intelligence, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality educational tools

    Finance 101: EQUIPPING, Empowering and educating girls WITH financial literacy by growing money mindsets and business smarts

    Drill-downs on THE GENDER GAP, diversity, and why it's good for business, good for Australia and good for the globe

    Innovation made easy with age-specific interactive breakouts on Design Thinking, Agile, and Lean Startup approaches

    Plus awesome and inspiring entertainment from amazing young talent!

We are building an innovation generation of female leaders and founders. Our success metric will be measured by making a real difference in the educational experiences, learning outcomes and career pathways of the girls we engage. The world's first girledworld Summit was the first step in this big mission.

Please join us as we take the next steps to scale. 

We look forward to learning and future-facing with you all.

Madeleine Grummet + Edwina Kolomanski
Co-founders girledworld


girledworld SummitS AND ONLINE LEARNING ASSETS equip, empower and educate girls with:

  • Enterprise skill-sets in entrepreneurship and startup business modelling

  • Opportunities to connect with incredible female mentors, entrepreneurs, business women and role models

  • Toolkits in innovation including Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile practice

  • Knowledge and hands-on experience of the latest exponential technologies in edtech (VR, AR, Mixed & AI)

  • Education about how startup is driving the new world economy and why Australia needs innovation to thrive

  • Effective communication strategies, and the soft and hard skills to drive leadership capabilities

  • Expert advice from entrepreneurs on building big ideas, designing businesses and how to tell a story that matters

  • Empowering knowledge about unconscious bias, respect, the power of diversity and why closing the gender gap is good for the future of Australia's economy and good for everyone.

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As a business committed to driving innovation through diversity, we are delighted to have the support of our diversity partner Airbnb.

Airbnb is committed to promoting diversity, fighting discrimination and building inclusion (as are we). We applaud their work at the user interface, within their organisation and in their advocacy for the company mission to 'Belong Anywhere'.

To read more about Airbnb's initiatives across the globe please click through articles below. 

Belong Anywhere

Airbnb’s Work To Fight Discrimination and Build Inclusion

Host With Pride Film 

Watch Airbnb Co-Founders Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk here.

A dedicated thank you to Airbnb's APAC Marketing Operations Manager Eva Ross, for her willingness to back our girledworld mission from the outset, for her abundant talents, for her commitment to building diversity and inclusion wherever she roams, and for her powerful role modelling of a woman paving the way in one of the world's biggest startups.