We want to ensure the 2018 girledworld WOW Summit is a safe event
for all attendees.

It is therefore important that we have emergency contact details for all students attending unaccompanied by an adult on either Saturday 16 June or Sunday 17 June, and that we are aware of any serious food allergies or medical conditions.

This form must be completed prior to the event. 


Please complete the form below

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Your name
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Name of child attending event
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Contact Phone
Food allergies *
Does your child have any serious food allergies?
Medical conditions *
Does your child have any medical conditions that we should be aware of for the purposes of the event?
I understand that I am providing consent for my child’s participation in the 2018 Girledworld WOW Summit. I confirm I have read and have understood the attached information, which outlines the 2018 Girledworld WOW Summit event details. Student behaviour: I understand that in the event that my child’s behaviour poses a danger to themselves or others during an the event, they may be sent home. I further understand that in such circumstances I will be informed and that any costs associated with their return will be my responsibility. Consent for emergency transportation: In the event of an emergency I consent to my child being transported in a privately owned vehicle driven by a member of the event staff. Emergency services will be called as first point of call. Anaphylaxis Policy: I understand that the event organisers of the 2017 Girledworld Leadership Summit have sought to minimise the risk of students coming into contact with nuts and nut products. I agree to support this by not sending these products to the event. Parent Consent: By clicking “submit”, I confirm that I have read the information provided by the Girledworld and give permission for my child to participate in the 2018 Girledworld WOW Summit.