Get your gig on! The new freelance workforce is here to stay.

How good are you at managing yourself day to day?


How would you rate yourself at making decisions, self-organising, completing tasks, turning up on time?

Research shows teenagers today will need to develop competencies in these skills to survive (and thrive!) in the new world of work, which will see many workers self-employed, abandoning 9-5 employment and working independently on a project-by-project basis as freelancers.

In fact, this ‘gig economy’ is already here with many Australian ‘giggers’ earning income from digital and sharing economy platforms like Uber (22.7%) Airtasker (34.8%) and Freelancer (11.8%), and new marketplaces popping up in the digital economy every day, creating increasing opportunities for Australia’s future freelance, distributed and in-demand workforces.

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