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World Of Work
Summit 2018

Saturday June 16 & Sunday June17 2018.


What do we DO?

We upskill and empower secondary school girls with 21st century, real-world learning toolkits, Future of Work mindsets and access to amazing global role models so they can see what they can be.



girledworld is an edtech startup building the next innovation generation of female leaders, game-changers, entrepreneurs and STEM champions.


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Holly Ransom girledworld.png

Holly Ransom - Emergent, CEO, Co-Chair UN Global Coalition of Young Women Entrepreneurs

"Every day we're bombarded by statistics about how rapidly the world of work is changing and how important STEM, leadership and entrepreneurial skills are going to be to that new reality. girledworld is a great example of an organisation that's aiming to lean into that future and prepare the next generation of women for it, by giving them real-world skillsets, connecting them to inspirational role models and challenging them to play their part in shaping the future."

Eva Ross Airbnb girledworld.png

Eva Ross - Airbnb, APAC Marketing Operations Manager

"I think it's just so important for girls these days to see women in leadership and women in power really owning what they do, and creating the new world. I wish I had something like girledworld when I was your age. The possibilities for you all are immense, and will shape your career paths."

Mary Raleigh Atlassian girledworld.png

Mary Raleigh - Atlassian, Strategy + Operations Team Lead 

"Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the girledworld Summit! I had a blast sharing my goal-setting experiences and productivity tips with the audience!"

Georgia Beattie Spacely PM.png

Georgia Beattie - Spacely REAGroup, Executive Manager

"I would have loved to have seen this sort of information and these sorts of role models when I was at school. It's something that completely changes your trajectory."

Kate Cornick LaunchVic

Kate Cornick - LaunchVic, CEO

"I'm a technologist and female founder, and so many times I've been told I can't do it, you shouldn't do it, maybe you're not the best person to do it, because I'm female. That's why it's so important we have organisations like girledworld that tell teenagers and young women that they're capable, and they can get up and be everything they ever dreamed of."

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